Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Every Girl is a Goddess

S-t-r-e-s-s...a six letter monster. No matter how hard one tries to avoid it, stress tends to swarm around you like an annoying fly. So how do you get rid of this troublesome pest? Show yourself some love! Sometimes all you need is a little bit of R&R (rest and relaxation) to put your mind, body, and spirit at ease.

Smelling sweet and having soft, shimmering skin is one way I love to treat myself. I love perfumes, candles, glittery lotions, and body mists... basically anything that looks & smells good, I mean what girl doesn't? I have pretty sensitive skin when it comes to products like face washes and body scrubs so I've always been a bit hesitant on experimenting too drastically. Have you ever heard of the store Lush Cosmetics? Every time I approach a Lush store I can already smell the wonderful homemade goodies from a thousand feet away...and don't get me started on the way the products look! Gorgeous pastel colored bath bombs with glittery flower confetti, cool toned translucent soap cubes with funky patterns, heart shaped creamy butter blocks with shimmer...I could go on forever. The enticing smell and eye catching colors have finally caved me, I purchased my first bag of luscious delights today! Pampering 101 here I come ;)

Since I'm a newbie to Lush, I decided to start off with only a few items. I already can't stop smelling everything so I know I'll definitely be back for more soon! My one sob story: I couldn't purchase any of the bath melts or bubble bombs. We just had our bathroom renovated and our tub was replaced with a shower! That means no glittery bubble baths :( My parents, however, still have a tub so I'm thinking about stealing it for a night or two so I can test out one of those delicious bath bombs, hehe. Ok, so now to the best part of this blog...the products!!

1. Oatifix Fresh Face Mask $5.95

The lady at the counter suggested this mask for dry skin in need of some thirst quenching moisture! The smell is sweet and cookies baking in the oven! The ingredients include oats (which relieve itchiness), bananas (a great moisturizer), honey (a healing remedy), and almonds (which serve as light exfoliator).
I was very excited to try this mask because I'v never done a face mask before! I've always been afraid of my sensitive skin having a crazy reaction and not being able to show my face in public for a week :P However, I was pleasantly surprised! When I first put the paste on my face, it felt a little thick and crumbly...but as I spread it around, it warmed and melted into place. The mask was not uncomfortable and did not tighten at all, I could move my face normally without worrying that I would ruin the mask. After removing the buttery sugar like concoction, my face felt so smooth and super soft! I have definitely been missing out on this revitalizing spa technique... moisturizing face masks, welcome to my world ;)

2. Vitamin E Toner Tab $1.95

This cute little tablet helps keep the skin on your face balanced and toned evenly. It contains Vitamin E (duh), an important antioxidant for your keeping your skin and immune system healthy, as well as lavender which is known to help calm and soothe. The tablet doesn't really have a smell...maybe once it dissolves in the water something delicious will waft up to my nose :)

3. Ice Blue Soap $5.88

This soap is the prettiest blue ever...oceany and crisp! The minty, icy scent is relaxing and refreshing. The bar contains peppermint (which deep cleans and cools the skin) and sea salt (which helps exfoliate). The lady told me when you rub the soap on your body, you feel tingly and super clean!
Ok, so I tried
out the soap---the smell was amazing, my whole bathroom smelled deliciously minty. The soap glided on well, and the salt pieces exfoliated nicely; however, I was disappointed that it didn't lather up and get soapy & sudsy. It wasn't very moisturizing, but it was super refreshing. I did feel the tingly sensation the sales lady mentioned! Also as a tip, cut your soap up into little b
locks--handmade soap will dissolve faster so instead of keeping the huge chunk in your shower, taking in little pieces will let you use the fragrant confections for longer! Here's a picture of my cut up Ice Blue soap :)

4. Shimmy Shimmy Sparkle Bar $6.95

My favorite item of the bunch! I was immediately drawn to this buttery bar as I entered the store because of its adorable heart shape...and a bonus, the glittery glow which actually rubs off onto your skin! The bar contains clary sage (a herbal ingredient which is said to stimulate sensuous soothing and fantasies--oh la la), vanilla (which helps prevent moisture loss), and lavender (which of course is a mood relaxer as well as an antiseptic cleanser). This heart shaped delight smells sweet and flowery and the glitter leaves your body with a gorgeous pinkish-gold tint. It can add the perfect amount of peek-a-boo shimmer during the day time when smoothed lightly over your collar bone, and it gives a glamorous sexy sheen during a night out in city if spread all over your body!
As soon as I bought this bar, I lathered it all over my arms and immediately loved the glittery glow. It felt a little rough just spreading it onto my skin suddenly, and I realized if you warm the bar in your hands a little, it glides on much smoother! I also tried it right after my shower, on my damp skin, it worked beautifully! You may not want to do this if you shower and are planning to straight to bed--you are going to leave a trail of fairy dust on your pillow while you're dreaming! This shimmer stick should be saved for when you are out and about, and able to expose your glittery star status to the world.

5. Coco Lotion $Free Sample

The lovely sales lady was generous enough to provide my friends and I with a Lush sample! She gifted us with a tiny container of this tropical smelling lotion. The color is not too appealing, sort of an off white, tan tone, but the texture is creamy and luxurious. The website says that the lotion is Caribbean inspired and helps brighten and smooth the skin. Since the sample is so tiny, I don't think I can be a fair reviewer of this product--and I'm not a huge fan of coconut-y smells so I probably won't be going back and buying a full size.

Let me know what goodies you find on your Lush shopping spree. Now, time for some lavish pampering...starting off with a hot, steamy shower and my new refreshing soap!

So remember, whenever you feel like Mr. Busy is chasing you...slow down, take some time to relax your tired mind and body. Every girl is a goddess and deserves to be treated like one. When your time-out is'll be charged up and ready to take on the world with your fabulous self ;)

Love always.