Thursday, July 22, 2010

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

It's summer--hot, sunny, and lazy. And what am I doing on my summer vacation? Relaxing and being a bum of course :) A bum that spends her days browsing online fashion blogs, celebrity trends, and shopping! Clothes, shoes, and style will always be a passion of mine--sometimes I wish I had majored in fashion journalism or clothing design--BUT, my heart is set on saving lives :) Perhaps one day, when I become a successful health professional, I can take some time out to explore the fashion world! We'll see what fate has in store for my future...until then, a girl can enjoy some stilettos and cute purse once awhile ;)

Every girl needs the funds to nurture her passion for fashion (I mean come on, how much window shopping can ya do?) Desperate times call for desperate measures. With my meager leftover savings, I knew I had only had one choice--I needed to find clothes, shoes, accessories, and makeup for way cheap! My hunt for looks for less has been pretty successful thus far. I have spent quite a bit of cash this past month--but, I can say I definitely know how to find some great deals. Besides, everyday is a fashion show and the world is our runway ;)

Alluding to my title of diamonds (cue sigh), I would like to share some of my recent purchases! Okay, no I didn't really buy any diamonds...but rhinestones and crystals, close enough! eBay is a great place to find cute, trendy, cheap accessories. Fashion is constantly changing. What was "in" yesterday, may be considered "out" tomorrow. Spending crazy money on little items like rings and bracelets is ridiculous. Obviously you don't want to buy something that will break after one use, but I think most fashion jewelery should stay below the $20 range. I love every single one of the pieces I bought (I just received it all in the mail today) and the quality...amazing! The funny thing is I see stuff like this all the time at stores like Forever21 for double the price. I spent under $15 for everything all together, including shipping! Hopefully you all will be able to check out eBay and find some hot accessories :) Okay so enough rambling...onto my gorgeous, glittery jewelery haul!

1. Rhinestone Cocktail Ring $1.51

2. Rhinestone Rose Ring $1.67

3. Peas in a Pod Necklace $3.00

4. Black Flower Ring $1.36

5. Princess Crown Ring $1.40

6. Red Swaroski Crystal Bow Ring $1.04

7. Blue Crystal Flower Cuff $2.98

8. Rhinestone Bow Ring $1.80

Love always.